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Jake's Place has been transitioning towards a more environmentally friendly take-home experience.  Plastic bags are gone; replaced by paper.  All styrofoam / polystyrene containers and cups have been changed to either paper, cardboard, foil, or recyclable microwave-safe containers for our meals.   

We would like to remove the plastic straws as well; however, we have not yet found a suitable replacement that does not taste like soggy paper.  Please let your server know if you would prefer to sip directly from the cup without a straw.  


Wherever possible, we choose items that are:

  • Manufactured from renewable resources;

  • Contain biodegradable materials;

  • Easily recycled; or

  • Reusable

In every case, we have found the more environmentally-friendly packaging to be more expensive (sometimes even double the price!), but we want to do our part for future generations.     

Every little bit helps

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