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we take your safety seriously

To serve you as safely as possible, we have made a number of upgrades and changes to our premises and our protocols.  




  • Added a take-out window; installed a two-way intercom; 

  • Moved tables and booth seating to increase distancing;

  • Added solid window separations for any side-by-side dining less and added partitions on the back of booths to block contaminants;

  • Separated the helmet / gear shelving into multiple areas to reduce congestion;

  • Added clean, sanitized trays for use for helmets and gear to reduce surface transfer;

  • Added hooks at each table to minimize travel; 

  • Added multiple air purifiers in seating areas to reduce airborne contaminants (HEPA filtration, UV-C technology kills germs, bacteria, and viruses as per manufacturer specs)

  • Added a casual outdoor patio for the summer to reduce indoor traffic; and 

  • Renovated restrooms for privacy, distancing, and to facilitate more thorough cleaning with our increased cleaning protocols.

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